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updated 3 months ago

Flipping image by Nazmus Sakiba

Nazmus Sakiba

Flipping an image without using function (flip, image)


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updated 6 months ago

flipn by Chad Greene

Chad Greene

Flip multiple matrices using flipud, fliplr, or flipdim (flip, flipud, fliplr)

fliplrn, flipudn, and flipdimn



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updated 6 months ago

flip by Marco Borges

Marco Borges

Flip vectors and matrices in all directions (permute, flip, signal processing)


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updated 1 year ago

Tools for NIfTI and ANALYZE image by Jimmy Shen

Jimmy Shen

Load, save, make, reslice, view (and edit) both NIfTI and ANALYZE data on any platform (medical, reslice, isotropic)

affine(old_img, old_M, new_elem_size, verbose, bg, method)

bipolar(M, lo, hi, contrast)

bresenham_line3d(P1, P2, precision)

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updated 1 year ago

Image Enhancer by Pol


A simple GUI image editing application which is able to compress images and apply effects to them. (image processing, gui, image editing)




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updated 2 years ago

Wave Player With Effects And Analysis by Muhammad Umair

Muhammad Umair

It plays and add certain effects to a .wav file like a real media player. (wav player, effects, analysis)

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updated 4 years ago

Fly a 747 using MATLAB by Simulink Dude

Simulink Dude

Animate the motion of a 747 along a helical path all from within MATLAB. (aerospace, 747, 3d)


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updated almost 5 years ago

FLIPXYVIEW (v2.0, mar 2010) by Jos (10584)

Jos (10584)

flips (mirror rotates) the horizontal and vertical plot axes (plot, axes, flip)

flipxyview (hAxes)

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updated 7 years ago

Rolling Cubes by Krishna Lalith

Krishna Lalith

Flip the cubes upside down. (games, rolling, flip)




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updated 10 years ago

BlockClock by Tim Farajian

Tim Farajian

Interesting clock that is composed of animated blocks. (clock, fun, blocks)

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