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updated 5 months ago

A GUI for plate reader growth curve analyses by Nitai Steinberg

A GUI for the analysis of plate reader growth curve results. (gui, plate, reader)




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updated 2 years ago

Hidden Markov Models for Molecular Motors by Fred Sigworth

A set of functions for analysing noisy recordings of the random stepping of molecular motors (markov model, fluorescence, single molecule)

DisplayModel(M, L, iterations, string, BottomHalf)



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updated almost 3 years ago

Widefield Fluorescence Microscope point-spread function by Praveen Pankajakshan

Generate the point-spread function for a widefield fluorescence microscope (pointspread function, deconvolution, 3d)

maxintensityproj(I, ndir)

wfmpsf(lambdaEx, lambdaEm, numAper, magObj, rindexObj, ...

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