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updated 3 years ago

Affine optic flow by David Young

David Young

Estimates the parameters of an affine (first-order) optic flow model from two images. (optic flow, optical flow, affine)

Affine Optic Flow Demonstration

affine_flowdisplay(flow, im, step, col)

affine_flowedgedisplay(flow, im1, im2)

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updated almost 5 years ago

Log-polar image sampling by David Young

David Young

Resamples an image from a conventional grid to a log-polar grid, and back. (image analysis, image transform, image resampling)

logsampback(logarr, rmin, rmax)

logsample(arr, rmin, rmax, xc, yc, nr, nw)

logtform(rmin, rmax, nr, nw)

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