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updated 1 year ago

Recurrent Fuzzy Neural Network (RFNN) Library for Simulink by Ilias Konsoulas

Dynamic, Recurrent Fuzzy Neural Network (RFNN) for on-line Supervised Learning. (system identification, neural networks, fuzzy systems)

rfnn_mimo_grid(t,Xt,u,flag,itaVector,alphaVector, NumInVa...

rfnn_mimo_scatter(t,Xt,u,flag,itaVector,alphaVector, NumI...

rfnn_miso_grid(t,Xt,u,flag,itaVector,alphaVector, NumInVa...

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updated 7 years ago

Software Tool for Fuzzy Rule Base Compression by Nedyalko Petrov & Alexander Gegov

This tool is companion software for the book 'Complexity Management in Fuzzy Systems', Springer, 200 (neural and fuzzy syst..., fuzzy systems, fuzzy rule bases)




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updated 7 years ago

Fuzzy TYPE - 2 by Farhat Masood

Various FuzzyTYPE-2 Operations (fuzzy logic, neural networks, fuzzytype2)




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updated 10 years ago

Evalfis Plus Fuzzy Exponentials by Rogério Andrade Flauzino

This functions eval a Fis extructure using fuzzy exponentials. (fuzzy logic, neural networks, fuzzy systems)

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