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updated 3 months ago

Expectation Maximization Algorithm with Gaussian Mixture Model by Shujaat Khan

Shujaat Khan

Matlab Implementation of EM Algorithm with GMM (em algorithm, gaussian mixture mode..., gmm)


gauss_dist(x,meu,sigma )

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updated 5 months ago

gmm_mt by Haw-Shiuan Chang

Haw-Shiuan Chang

Efficient GMM clustering using Multiple Threads (gmm, gaussian mixture mode..., efficient)

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updated 7 months ago

GMMEM based pixel labeling and by Mohammad Asif Khan

Program segment pixels on the basis of maximum probability obtained using EMGM algorithm (image processing, image segmentation, gaussian mixture mode...)




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updated 9 months ago by Zach Ziheng Wang

Zach Ziheng Wang

Gaussian Mixture Model for Large Dimensional Data (gaussian mixture mode..., probabilistic graphic...)



gaussPDF(Data, Mu, Sigma)

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updated 1 year ago

Unscented Hellinger distance between GMMs by Matej Kristan

Matej Kristan

The code calculates a metric between a pair of multivariate Gaussian Mixture Models. (signal processing, statistics, gaussian mixture mode...)



conf2mahal(c, d)

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updated almost 2 years ago

3D visualization of GMM learning via the EM algorithm by Johannes


The evolution of a GMM in the EM algorithm is visualized by interpolating between iterations. (expectation maximizat..., gaussian mixture mode..., em)


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updated 2 years ago

Privacy Preserving Smart Metering based on Randomized Response Model by Shuang Wang

Shuang Wang

The is an implementation of the randomized response model for privacy preserving smart metering (privacypreserving sma..., expectation propagati..., gaussian mixture mode...)



emgm(X, init, fixed_mean_pos, time_ID)

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updated 3 years ago

Background Removal using Gaussian Model by Alexander Farley

Alexander Farley

Input image. Get out binary foreground mask. (background removal, gaussian mixture mode...)




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updated 5 years ago

Wrapper of the jMEF java library by Sylvain Boltz

Sylvain Boltz

Matlab Wrapper for jMEF : A Java library to process mixtures of exponential families (exponential families, kullback leibler dive..., gaussian)



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updated 5 years ago

Gaussian Mixture Model (GMM) - Gaussian Mixture Regression (GMR) by Sylvain Calinon

Sylvain Calinon

Encoding of data in Gaussian Mixture Model and retrieval through Gaussian Mixture Regression (statistics, probability, gaussian mixture mode...)

EM(Data, Priors0, Mu0, Sigma0)

EM_init_kmeans(Data, nbStates)

GMR(Priors, Mu, Sigma, x, in, out)

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