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updated 1 year ago

Fast Kernel Density Estimator (Multivariate) by Matej Kristan

A very fast multivariate bandwidth calculation for KDE that can even be calculated from a GMM. (kernel density estima..., gaussian mixture mode..., bandwidth)

applyForScaleTransformToPdf( pdf0, Mu, T )

applyInvScaleTransformToPdf( pdf0, Mu, T )


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updated 1 year ago

2D Bandwidth Estimator for KDE by Matej Kristan

2D kernel density estimator from weighted data. (statistics, signal processing, kernel density estima...)

col_sum( a )


conf2mahal(c, d)

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updated almost 3 years ago

Color Clustering Matlab by GAGAN

Computes the clusters of Pixels based upon their color. (color, color matlab, clustering)


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