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updated 6 months ago

IM2GIF by Oliver Woodford

Converts a multiframe image to an animated GIF. (image, multiframe, animated)

im2gif(A, varargin)

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updated 7 months ago

mywaitbar by Daniel Pereira

MYWAITBAR: Display multi functional animated wait/progress bar (progress, progressbar, wait)


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updated 1 year ago

save 3D matrix as gif by Geert

Function that saves a 3D matrix in a gif image file. (gif, 3d matrix, save)

save_3D_matrix_as_gif(filename, matrix, delaytime)

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updated 1 year ago

Change frame delay in GIF file by Guilherme Coco Beltramini

Change the frame duration in a GIF file (gif)


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updated 1 year ago

Movie to GIF Converter by Nicolae Cindea

Convert a matlab movie to a GIF (movie, gif, movie2gif)


movie2gif(mov, gifFile, varargin)


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updated 2 years ago

frames2gif by Paxon Frady

Converts frames captured by getframes to an animated gif. (gif, animation)

frames2gif(filename, frames, varargin)

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updated 4 years ago

AVI to GIF convertor by Moshe Lindner

the program converts AVI-video files into an animated-GIF file. (avi, animated, gif)


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updated 4 years ago

animated-gif creator by Moshe Lindner

the program take set of images, and save it as an animated gif. (animation, gif, animated)


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updated almost 5 years ago

Animated GIF by Robert Bemis

How to generate an animated GIF from MATLAB (image processing, data export, simulation)

How to make an animated GIF

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updated 5 years ago

GIF Player by Vihang Patil

This function will display the animated GIF's in the figure window (gif, player, animated)


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updated 6 years ago

avi2gif by Kedar Patwardhan

Converts avi video files to gif animations (video, convert avi to gif, gif)

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updated 6 years ago

gif_add_frame by Andrea Tagliasacchi

creates a gif animation of snapshots (graphics import, graphics export, gif)


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updated 7 years ago

pix2anigif by Gabe Hoffmann

Combines sequence of numbered pictures into an animated GIF. (graphics import, graphics export, animated gif)

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updated 9 years ago

pic2xls by Fahad Al Mahmood

This function inserts a picture into an Excel file (data import, data export, excel)


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