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updated 7 years ago

GTRACK by Jose Pina

Jose Pina

Track mouse position and show coordinates in figure title. (data exploration, graph, mouse track)


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updated 8 years ago

Read VRML 2.0 to Matlab 7 by Ricky Zhang

Ricky Zhang

Read VRML 2.0 to Matlab 7. (data exploration, vrml2, geometry)


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updated almost 9 years ago

GUI for manipulating data in a figure by Hongxue Cai

Hongxue Cai

GUI to move a selected data point upward or downward by a user-defined amount (data exploration, gui development, command lines)

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updated almost 12 years ago

unplot by Toby Driscoll

Toby Driscoll

Removes the most recently drawn object(s). (data exploration, graphics, plot)


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