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updated 11 months ago

FPGA Implementation of the Gray Scake based Median Filter using HDL Coder by SUMEET


Here i have implemented median filter which gives better result compared to the existing Matlab mode (hdl coder)

[med] =Med_1d(inbuf)

[x_out y_out data_out] =medianfilter(x_in, y_in,data_in)

outbuf =median_1d(inbuf)

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updated 1 year ago

QPSK example with MATLAB entry for HDL Coder by Richard


Set of laboratory exercises to demonstrate Mathworks HDL Coder with MATLAB entry. (wireless, communication, hdl coder)




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updated 3 years ago

HDL coder compatible 1D Positive and Negative edge detectors by Igal


The default 1D Simulink edge detector is not HDl Coder compatible, so here's an alternative. (edge, logic, hdl coder)


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updated 4 years ago

Spline based function approximation for HDL synthesis by Sean Little

Sean Little

This is a suite of simple utilities that allow for efficient approximation of complex functions in a (hdl, hdl coder, spline)

[x,pp]=create_lut3(fcn, rng, tol)


nearestpoint(x,y,m) ;

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