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updated 1 year ago

Structured MIMO H-infinity design for a dual-stage platform using HIFOO and Hinfstruct by Zdenek Hurak

Code for advanced control design accompanying a journal paper. Can serve as a benchmark. (control design, hinfinity, robust control)


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updated almost 2 years ago

CRCBode() - Contoured Robust Controller Bode Plot Function by JD Taylor

Generate controller Bode plots with contours showing robust performance and stability metric. (robust control, control design, loop shaping)


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updated almost 2 years ago

CRCBode_example.m by JD Taylor

Simple example file showing usage of CRCBode function. (robust control, hinfinity, bode)


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updated 5 years ago

LSDPTOOL by James Whidborne

A graphical user interface for robust control design using McFarlane & Glovers's LSDP (robust control, lsdp, hinfinity)




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updated 6 years ago

Preview Control Toolbox by Andrew Hazell

A MATLAB toolbox for the design of discrete-time H2- and Hinf-optimal preview controllers within a g (control, h2, hinfinity)




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