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updated 1 year ago

Visualisation/verification of two-view geometries by Karel Lebeda

Karel Lebeda

GUI tool to visualise homography, epipolar geometry, etc., to verify their accuracy. (homography, epipolar geometry, twoview geometries)

epipolarLine( F, x )

epipolarLineT( F, x )


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updated 2 years ago

Photo Quadrat Selection Tool by Joshua Stough

Joshua Stough

An interactive tool for manually selecting photo quadrats from a collection of images. (image processing, gui, quadrat selection)

quadratSelection_AllImages(extension, quadratSize)

quadratSelection_OneImage(imname, figToKill, quadratSize)

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updated almost 4 years ago

image mosaic using SIFT by Edward Wiggin

Edward Wiggin

Automatic image mosaic using SIFT, RANSAC and homography. (image processing, image mosaic, sift)

appendimages(image1, image2)



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updated almost 4 years ago

RANSAC algorithm with example of finding homography by Edward Wiggin

Edward Wiggin

RANSAC algorithm with example of line fitting and finding homography of 2 images (image processing, ransac, line fitting)


genRansacTestPoints( ptNum,outlrRatio,inlrStd,inlrCoef )


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updated 4 years ago

2D - 2D Projective Homography (3x3) Estimation by SasiKanth


This function estimates 2D-2D projective homography between two images. (homography, image processing, signal processing)

homography( i1, i2)

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