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updated 24 days ago

Computational Geometry Toolbox by George Papazafeiropoulos

Convex hull, mesh generation, Delaunay triangulation, Voronoi diagram and other algorithms. (bounding box, concave, convex)

Bounding box of a random point set in 2-dimensional space

Bounding box of a random point set in 3-dimensional space

Bounding box of a random point set in 4-dimensional space

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updated 10 months ago

Latin Hypercube by Nassim Khaled

lhsdesign_modified generates latin hypercube samples (latin, hypercube, doe)


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updated 7 years ago

Gray Code Manipulation by William Kahan

Generate Gray Codes and convert them to integers. (cyclic, gray codes, goniometers)




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updated almost 9 years ago

Random Vectors with Fixed Sum by Roger Stafford

Randomly and uniformly generates vectors with a specified sum and values in a specified interval. (random, fixedsum, ndimensional)


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updated 9 years ago

Closed Universe by Giampiero Campa

Wraps the input vector into a given hypercuboid (simulink, wrap, wrapper)


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