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updated 1 year ago

Free-space prapagation function using Huygens spherical convolution by Disi A

Given a certain field information at input plane, we can predict any field of view at output plane (optics, physics, simulation)


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updated 2 years ago

KL Transform (Karhunen–Loève Theorem) by debasish

a simple code that performs KL transform. (image processing, image transform, pca)


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updated 4 years ago

Log-polar image sampling by David Young

Resamples an image from a conventional grid to a log-polar grid, and back. (image analysis, image transform, image resampling)

logsampback(logarr, rmin, rmax)

logsample(arr, rmin, rmax, xc, yc, nr, nw)

logtform(rmin, rmax, nr, nw)

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