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updated 7 months ago

Feature Detection by Marcus Fantham

An app to detect certain features in road scenes. Example images are provided: (feature detection, image viewer)

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updated 8 months ago

View4D by Ran Klein

Interactive viewer for 3D and 4D data sets. (image viewer, multidimensional data, medical images)

DisplayPixelCurve(hObject, eventdata, handles)


View4DCoord(hObject, eventdata, handles)

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updated almost 2 years ago

HDR image viewer for Deep Color Monitor by Mario Tuerschmann

Display your captured image from within MATLAB on a Deep Color monitor with HDR quality (cuda, hdr, deep color)

HdrFileDownload( input_args )


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updated 3 years ago

StackSlider by Otto Manneberg

GUI for displaying image stacks, e.g. time-resolved or z-stacked microscopy images. (image viewer, image stack, zstack)


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