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updated 3 months ago

near2 by Chad Greene

Chad Greene

Find nearest-neighbor indices of 2D gridded data. (find, interp2, ind2sub)

near2 documentation


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updated 4 years ago

iPod Scramble Solution by Raj Sodhi

Raj Sodhi

Solves the Scramble game (like Boggle) by Zynga on my iPod. (ind2sub, sub2ind, boggle)




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updated almost 5 years ago

shape indexing by michael scheinfeild

michael scheinfeild

for many application of shape description we need the shape indexes by their order of close distance (shape indexing, shape descriptor, find)


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updated almost 7 years ago

Automatically arranged multiple subscripts from linear index by Paul A.M. Bune

Paul A.M. Bune

Functionally, the same as internal MatLab routine "ind2sub", but the result is put into an automatic (multiple subscripts, index, ind2sub)

ind2sub1(siz, ind)

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