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updated 3 months ago

menuN by Johan Winges

Johan Winges

An extension of Matlab's menu function. A graphical user interface for input selection. (menu, inputdlg, uicontrol)

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updated 4 months ago

inputsdlg: Enhanced Input Dialog Box (v2.1.2) by Kesh Ikuma

Kesh Ikuma

Predefined dialog box function to accept user inputs of several forms (gui, inputdlg, dialog)

inputsdlg(Prompt, Title, Formats, DefAns, Options)



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updated almost 7 years ago

passcode by Elmar Tarajan

Elmar Tarajan

PASSCODE creates a modal dialog box that returns user password input like in usual Windows dialogs. (gui tools, example, passcode)

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updated 9 years ago

STRUCTDLG by Marco Cococcioni

Marco Cococcioni

This function takes a structure as input and then automatically builds a graphical user interface. (structures, cell arrays, inputdlg)

structdlg(s_old, fields_per_inputdlg)

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updated 11 years ago

inputgui by Toby Driscoll

Toby Driscoll

A simple, flexible, and overridable graphical replacement for INPUT. (gui tools, example, gui)


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