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updated 1 month ago

isax by Chad Greene

Chad Greene

Determine whether inputs are axis handles (r2014 graphics ready, is, isa)

isax documentation


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updated 8 months ago

STDATMO: Standard Atmosphere Function by Sky Sartorius

Sky Sartorius

Gas properties at altitudes from N-dim input. Non-standard atmospheres capable. Many units supported (aerospace, atmosphere, international standar...)


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updated 1 year ago

Density altitude calculator by Sky Sartorius

Sky Sartorius

Finds altitudes in the standard atmosphere that correspond to the provided array of air densities. (aerospace, atmosphere, standard atmosphere)


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updated 5 years ago

ISA chart by Marcos Cesar Ruggeri

Marcos Cesar Ruggeri

This program generates the ISA chart, depending on the altitude increase. (aerospace, aeronautics, aerodef)




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