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updated 1 year ago

makekmz by David Long

David Long

Simple tool to generate .kmz file for precision GoogleEarth image overlay w/auto tiling & rotation (google earth, kmz, kml)



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updated 2 years ago

OS2LL by Michael Fourman

Michael Fourman

Convert UK OSGB National Grid coordinates to Lat/Lon (gis, googlearth, national grid)

os2ll( E, N )

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updated 2 years ago

pwr_kml_3d by Patrick Robinson

Patrick Robinson

Creates a 3-D google earth KMZ file from a matrix of [Time,Lat,Lon] and [Time,Depth/Altitude] (track, path, kml)



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updated almost 3 years ago

Google Earth Toolbox by scott lee davis

scott lee davis

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Various plotting/drawing functions that can be saved as KML output, and loaded in Google Earth (google, earth, kml)

Google Earth toolbox - ge_axes

Google Earth toolbox - ge_barbdaes

Google Earth toolbox - ge_box

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updated almost 7 years ago

GEplot by Rafael Palacios

Rafael Palacios

GEplot uses the same syntax as the Matlab plot function, but draws over Google Earth graphs (specialized, plotting, google)


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