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updated 18 days ago

LOSIB (Local Oriented Statistics Information Booster) for texture retrieval by Oscar GarcĂ­a-Olalla

Very Fast Function based on the method published in ICPR 2014, LOSIB for texture retrieval. (texture, texture description, image processing)



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updated 1 month ago

Watermarking based on LBP by Mehran Kh

Watermarking based on linear binary patterns! (signal processing, image processing, watermark)




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updated 4 months ago

Local binary patterns by Nikolay S.

Calculates image LBP (Local binary patterns). (lbp, image processing, pattern)

[outImg, varargout]=tightHistImg(inImg, varargin)

[radInterpFilt]=generateRadialFilterLBP(p, r)

[radInterpFilt]=generateRadialFilterLBP(p, r)

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updated 1 year ago

Opposite Color Local Binary Patterns (OC-LBP) by Nikolay S.

Implementation of LBP (Texture analysis) incorporating colors (lbp, image processing, feature detection)

efficientLBP(inImg, filtDims, isEfficent)

oppositeColorLBP(inImg, filtDims, chnsComb, isEfficient)


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updated 1 year ago

Objects/Faces Detection Toolbox by Sebastien PARIS

Objects/Faces detection using Local Binary Patterns and Haar features (faces detection, boosting, haar)

Demo illustrating (Center-Symetric) MultiBlock Local Bina...

Demo illustrating Circular Histogram Local Binary Pattern...

Demo illustrating HAAR features

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updated 2 years ago

Local Binary Patterns transformation of the input image by Olegs Nikisins

This function performs a Local Binary Patterns transformation for the input image (local binary pattern, lbp, transformation)

LBP(Input_Im, R)

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updated 3 years ago

Scenes/Objects classification toolbox by Sebastien PARIS

Scenes recognition toolbox for vision systems (densesift, color histograms, pixels patches)




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