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updated 2 years ago

Mean shift for finding modes by Soumitry J Ray

Soumitry J Ray

The submission finds modes in data. Data is generated from a mixture of gaussian with added outliers (computer vision, data mining, find modes)

findModes(points, n_seeds, dTol)


plotData(data, labels, data_mean)

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updated almost 9 years ago

Mean Shift Clustering by Bart Finkston

Bart Finkston

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Cluster data by using the Mean Shift Algorithm (statistics, probability, clustering)



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updated 9 years ago

kmeans image segmentation by Jose Vicente Manjon-Herrera

Jose Vicente Manjon-Herrera

Application of kmeans clustering algorithm to segment a grey scale image on diferent classes. (morphology, segmentation, kmeans segmentation)


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