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updated 4 months ago

MArray by junbai wang

MArray: analysing single, replicated or reversed microarray experiments. (biotech, pharmaceutical, analysis)

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updated 4 months ago

MCGH by junbai wang

Matlab toolbox with graphical interface to analysis DNA microarray-based comparative genomic hybridi (biotech, pharmaceutical, analysis)

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updated 1 year ago

Significance Analysis of Microarrays (SAM) using Matlab by Eric

SAM is a popular method of finding differentially expressed genes through a microarray experiment. (significance analysis..., sam, gene expression)

bal_perm (seq_samp)

build_dperm (data, cl, type_mt, seq_samp)

d_null (d, type_mt)

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updated 3 years ago

The Spherical K-means algorithm by Xuan Vinh Nguyen

Clustering on the hypersphere with the Spherical K-means algorithm (kmeans, spherical kmeans, clustering)




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updated 10 years ago

Gene Expression Colormap by Michael Driscoll

Returns a colormap for visualizing gene expression. (biotech, pharmaceutical, bioinformatics)

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