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updated 1 year ago

Find Image Extrema by Tristan Ursell

Tristan Ursell

Find local maxima, local minima, saddle points, and flat regions in an image. (image, maximum, maxima)


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updated 2 years ago

gmode by Antonio Trujillo-Ortiz

Antonio Trujillo-Ortiz

Mode(s) of a grouped sample. (grouped data, frequency distributio..., descriptive statistic...)


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updated 3 years ago

Optical Fibre Toolbox by Kotya Karapetyan

Kotya Karapetyan

Simulation of optical fiber modes (optics, fibre, fiber)

Effective refractive index of three-layer modes

Optical Fibre Toolbox two-layer demo


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updated 3 years ago

Allstats by Francisco de Castro

Francisco de Castro

Many statistics of a vector or matrix (statistics, mean, mode)


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updated 4 years ago

lognormal by Walther


Creates a lognormal distribution with desired mode (peak-value) . (statistics, lognormal distributio..., mode)


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updated almost 6 years ago

saturation function by Nassim Khaled

Nassim Khaled

This file contains an approximation of the saturation of a function between the values [-1,1]. (saturation, simulink, mfile)



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updated almost 9 years ago

fastmode by Harold Bien

Harold Bien

Optimized high speed version of statistical mode, i.e. element(s) occuring at greatest frequency (statistics, probability, statistical)

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updated 9 years ago

MODE by Mukhtar Ullah

Mukhtar Ullah

Computes mode of statistical data. (statistics, probability, frequency)

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updated almost 10 years ago

Statistical Mode by Muneem Shahriar

Muneem Shahriar

Finds the "mode" (most occuring element) in a 1D number REAL array (statistics, probability, mode)

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updated 10 years ago

iModa by Isaac Mancero Mosquera

Isaac Mancero Mosquera

Find the statistical mode of vector of data. (statistics, probability, statistical mode)


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updated almost 11 years ago

mode.m by David Li

David Li

Finds the mode of a array. (specialized, plotting, mode)

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