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updated 2 months ago

Numerical Solution of Euler's Equation for Sod Shock Tube using Richtmyer method. by Sathyanarayan Rao

Sathyanarayan Rao

Euler's equation for Sod Shock Tube problem is numerically solved using two step Richtmyer method. (computational fluid d..., eulers equation, numerical method)

build_Flux( U )


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updated 4 months ago

symbolTests.m by Ganindu


Newton Raphson for a Linear system of equations (newton raphson, robust, linear algebra)


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updated 7 months ago

FLMM2 by Roberto Garrappa

Roberto Garrappa

Fractional linear multistep methods of second order for fractional differential equations (fde, flmm, fractional differenti...)


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updated 1 year ago

Animation of a Simple Pendulum using the Euler-Cromer numerical method. by Sathyanarayan Rao

Sathyanarayan Rao

The oscillatory motion of a simple pendulum is simulated using Euler-Cromer method. (simple pendulum, physics animation, computational physics)


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updated 1 year ago

Computing Electric field of a double dipole by solving Poisson's Equation by Praveen Ranganath

Praveen Ranganath

This code computes the E-fields due to 2-dipoles in a 2-D plane using Finite difference method. (aerospace, cartesian coordinates, dipole)


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updated 3 years ago

Numerical Methods: Bisection Method by satendra kumar

satendra kumar

This script solves equation with the help of Bisection method (matlab, script, bisection method)


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updated 3 years ago

Aitken Interpolation Method by Kehinde OROLU

Kehinde OROLU

f1= aitken(x,f,x1) uses Aitken's interpolation method to estimate f1(x1) at x1. (aitken, interpolation, polynomial)


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updated 3 years ago

Myriapole by Anton


This program computes generalized polarization tensors (GPT's). (generalized polarizat..., contracted gpt, inverse conductivity ...)




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updated 6 years ago

fixed point itration by AHHA


fixed point iteration for numerical method (fixed point, numerical method, numerical)

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