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updated 1 year ago

Orthogonalized Partial Directed Coherence: measuring time-varying interactions within EEG channels by Amir Omidvarnia

Amir Omidvarnia

Implementation of a proposed approach for scalp EEG directional connectivity analisys (mvar modelling, eeg signal processing, scalp eeg)




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updated 3 years ago

Time-Varying EEG Connectivity: A Time-Frequency Approach by Amir Omidvarnia

Amir Omidvarnia

The package performs time-varying EEG connectivity analysis on a simulated data and an EEG sample. (timevarying, eeg connectivity, partial directed cohe...)


[R, scale]=arqr(v, p, mcor)

[w, A, C, sbc, fpe, th]=arfit(v, pmin, pmax, selector, no...

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