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updated 4 months ago

PeakFinder by Nathanael Yoder

Quickly finds local maxima (peaks) or minima (valleys) in a noisy signal. (signal processing, maxima, minima)

peakfinder(x0, sel, thresh, extrema, include_endpoints)

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updated 1 year ago

Find Peaks of the Signal by Saurabh

Find Peaks of the signal and stores the answer in excel (find peaks, signal processing, excel file read)


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updated 2 years ago

Acceleration peak finder by Rob

This function finds the peaks between sign changes (acceleration peak, signal processing, peak finder)

peakydo(arr )

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updated 5 years ago

Fast array peak finder by George Zipfel

Finds locations of all maxima and corresponding maximum values in a 1D array. (time series, array, peak finder)


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