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updated 5 years ago

Post Preprocessing Templates by Christian Bard

post preprocessing scripts (polyspace, ppc, templates)

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updated 10 years ago

join by Gerald Dalley

Concatenates a set of strings, with a delimiter between each string. (strings, join, perl)

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updated 11 years ago

Illustrator 88 to V3 Conversion for MATLAB by James Argyle

Converts Illustrator 88 Output from MATLAB Graphics to an illustrator 10 compatible file. (graphics import, graphics export, illustrator)

print( varargin )

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updated 12 years ago

f77toM by Chris Cornuelle

f77toM is a Perl 5 script to convert one or more F77 or F90 files to Matlab M-files. (external interface, perl, f77)

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