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updated 2 years ago

Parallel MRI noisy phantom simulator by SANTIAGO AJA-FERNANDEZ

Simulator of noisy parallel acquisition MR data (GRAPPA and SENSE included) (magnetic resonance, noise, parallel imaging)




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updated 2 years ago

Heart perfussion MRI phantom simulator by SANTIAGO AJA-FERNANDEZ

To create a MR perfusion phantom of the heart with basic artifacts and noise. (perfusion, phantom, mri)

S0n=distort_sg(S0,sigma,blur,field, Knoise,ncorr,coils)



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updated almost 3 years ago

Derenzo phantom by Anna

main+function to create a Derenzo phantom for Gate v6.1 PET/SPECT simulations (gate, phantom, derenzo)

[centroids, radius]=Derenzo(diam_ph, imm)


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updated 4 years ago

Line Phantoms For Back Projection Detectability Tests by Michael Chan

Drafts lines used as biomedical phantoms for Back Projection Detectability Tests. (biomedical, image processing, detectability)

draftLinesForBackProjectionTest(scratchPad, numberOfLines...


imagePlot( imageData, plotRowSize, plotColSize, ...

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updated 6 years ago

Three Dimensional Analytical Magnetic Resonance Imaging Phantom in the Fourier Domain by Cheng Guan Koay

This software contains 2D and 3D Shepp-Logan phantoms in both the image and Fourier domains. (image generation, shepplogan 3d analyti..., shepplogan 3d analyti...)


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updated 8 years ago

3D Shepp-Logan phantom by Matthias Schabel

3D extension of phantom.m (reconstruction, phantom, 3d)


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