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updated 3 months ago

plotyn.m by hk

multi-Yaxis (axes, multiple yaxis, plotting)


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updated 4 years ago

PLOT2AXES by Jiro Doke

Plot a set of data with two different axes. (specialized, plotting, double axes)


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updated almost 5 years ago

addaxes.m v1.1 (Sep 2009) by Carlos Adrian Vargas Aguilera

Adds a new linked axis related by ANY monotonic function. Includes ZOOM/PAN and DATETICK utility! (plotyy, linkaxes, datetick)


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updated 5 years ago

ploty4.m by Peter (PB) Bodin

PLOTY4 support for a third and fourth y-axis. (specialized, plotting, plotyy)


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updated almost 8 years ago

plots.m, plotses.m by Carlos Adrian Vargas Aguilera

Plots each column of a matriz vs a single axis. Improvement of plotyyy. (annotation, customization, plot)



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updated almost 8 years ago

LinkTopAxisData by Tim Richards

Adds a linked second x axis to a plot (annotation, customization, plotxx)

LinkTopAxisData (TopTickPositions,TopTickLabels,AxisName)

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updated 12 years ago

plottt by Michael Robbins

plotxx with dates and reference windows. (specialized, plotting, time)


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updated almost 13 years ago

plotyyy by Denis Gilbert

PLOTYYY - Extends plotyy to include a third y-axis (specialized, plotting, plotyy)


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