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updated 11 months ago

sigstar - add signifiance stars to bar charts, box plots, etc by Rob Campbell

Add significance bars and asterisks to various plot types (statistics, plotting, pvalue)



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updated 11 months ago

Integrated Discriminatory Improvement by Louis

Compare a old vs new classification technique (model comparison, auc, idi)

IntegratedDiscriminationImprovement( pred_old , pred_new ...

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updated 12 months ago

Net Reclassification Improvement by Louis

Compare classification of an old vs new classification technique (net reclassification ..., nri, model comparison)

NetReclassificationImprovement( pred_old , pred_new , out...

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updated 1 year ago

AUC comparison p-value by Louis

Compares two AUCs derived from same cases (auc, auroc, model comparison)


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updated 3 years ago

fftnoise - generate noise with a specified power spectrum by Aslak Grinsted

Useful helper function for Monte Carlo null-hypothesis tests and confidence interval estimation. (surrogate, noise, random)


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