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updated 4 months ago

octree - partitioning 3D points into spatial subvolumes by Sven

OcTree recursively splits a large set of points into smaller subvolumes. A QuadTree but in 3D. (stl, space, volume)


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updated 7 months ago

fractal Image compression using Quadtree decomposition and huffman coding by Arun Kumar

Quadtree decomposition and Huffman techniques can be applied for achieving high compression ratio (image compression, image processing, quadtree decompositio...)


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updated 12 months ago

MATLAB class wrapper for a C++ implementation of a Quadtree by Shawn Walker

Efficient implementation of a point-region (PR) quadtree for fast nearest neighbor searches. (nearest neighbor sear..., quadtree, c class wrapper)




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updated 4 years ago

Quadtree decomposition (Encoding) and Decoding of RGB Image by Dr. Murtaza Khan

Quadtree decomposition (Encoding) and Decoding of RGB Image of size M-by-N-by-3. (image analysis, quadtree, image)

A =padtomakepowof2(A,varargin)



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updated 4 years ago

Quad-Tree segmentation - MEX by Ahmad

Segments an input image using Quad-trees (quadtree, segmentation, clustering)

quadtreeseg( im, varargin )

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