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updated 12 months ago

record video from webcam using matlab by zetad yosif

record video from webcam using matlab (matlab, webcam, video)


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updated 1 year ago

Real Time Microphone and Camera data acquisition and audio-video processing by Theodoros Giannakopoulos

This Matlab-code is a demo for real-time audio and image processing. (audio processing, video processing, camera)

realTimeMic(duration, nBlocks, useVideo)

zcr(signal,windowLength, step, fs);

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updated 2 years ago

Smith Simulator by Gaurav Gupta

It allows to do on computer all you were doing with pencil and paper with some beautiful features. (smith, locus, undo)




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updated 2 years ago

Record, Plot Speech/Audio Signal by Ankitkumar Chheda

This tool will help students to learn recording of audio / speech signal (gui, record, speech)


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updated 3 years ago

Virtual Reality Recording by Nassim Khaled

Nassim Khaled (view profile)

This is a virtual reality recording created using simulink. (virtual, reality, model)


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updated 5 years ago

Matlab Play Wave File GUI by Albert Tan

Able to Play, Pause, Resume and Stop a Wave sound from continue playing. (gui, sound, speech)


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updated 6 years ago

Matlab Piano by Mark Frankosky

Mark Frankosky (view profile)

A matlab Piano GUI (sound, piano, keyboard)


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updated 6 years ago

screen record by Nassim Khaled

Nassim Khaled (view profile)

Screen capture can be used to record any screen activity and output the recorded actions as video fi (video, screen, record)



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updated 8 years ago

Integrators of Newmark Family by WaiChing Sun

WaiChing Sun (view profile)

obtain displacement and velocity from acceleration record (newmark family, displacement, velocity)

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updated 8 years ago

Display text separator by Miroslav Balda

Miroslav Balda (view profile)

Creates separating text line on display (text, record, separator)


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updated 9 years ago

Save Entire Command History by Jonathan Snell

Jonathan Snell (view profile)

Maintains a complete record of the command history (Matlab only maintains the last 20k worth ... (command history, preserve, maintain)




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updated 10 years ago

Using MATLAB to Generate HTML by Roy Schestowitz

MATLAB Experiments saved as HTML. (whitepaper, article, paper)

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updated 12 years ago

MATLAB Record GUI by Jesse Hansen

MATLAB Record GUI: Used to record, edit, and analyze speech or other sounds. (sound, matlab gui, audio)

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updated almost 13 years ago

playrectdt by Christopher Brown

Plays and/or records on Tucker Davis Sytem 2 hardware. (hardware driver, play, record)

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updated 17 years ago

recordsound by Daniel Lee

MEX-file source code for recording sound under linux. (sound, record, under)

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