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updated 12 months ago

Polygon simplification by Peter Bone

Peter Bone

Simplifies a closed polygon by reducing the number of vertices to a specified number (polygon, simplification, reduction)

reduce_poly(poly, num)


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updated 2 years ago

Image Noise Reduction by Local Statistics by Tristan Ursell

Tristan Ursell

Reduce image noise by measuring local pixel statistics and remapping intensities. (image processing, image, noise)


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updated 7 years ago

Consolidator by John D'Errico

John D'Errico

Consolidates common elements in x (may be n-dimensional), aggregating corresponding y. (reduction, accumarray, interpolation)




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updated 7 years ago

Jean Le Rand D'Alambert Reduction Method (update:22-06-07) by Ali OZGUL


Reduction method (differential equation..., reduction method, differential equation)



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updated 8 years ago

BW Noise Reduction by Javad Razjouyan

Javad Razjouyan

Reduce noise in Binary Image by counting number of conected pixels (morphology, segmentation, reduce noise)

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updated 9 years ago

Data Dimension Reduction by Michael Kleder

Michael Kleder

Transforms vector data into a subspace of one less dimension, along direction of smallest extent. (linear algebra, vector, data)

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