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updated 6 months ago

Non-local retinex by Dominique Zosso

Dominique Zosso

MATLAB implementation of generalized non-local Retinex (contrast enhancement, shadow removal, etc.) (retinex, nonlocal, shadow removal)

L0_retinex_solver( W, alpha, beta, f, tau, I, rho, inner,...

L1_retinex_solver( W, alpha, beta, f, tau, I, rho, inner,...

L2_retinex_solver( W, alpha, beta, f, tau, I )

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updated almost 2 years ago

SPR XPhase by Joshua Guske

Joshua Guske

Computes reflectance (Rp/Rs) for surface plasmon resonance on a system of thin films (spr, multilayer, matrix transfer)



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updated 6 years ago

Solar Radiation by Felix Hebeler

Felix Hebeler

Calculates the hourly solar radiation (direct+diffuse+reflected) for a DEM integrated over on year (solar radiation, insolation, reflectance)

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