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updated almost 4 years ago

Univariate and bivariate spiking statistics for the dLIF neuron model by Robert


Functions to calculate the statistics for the dLIF neuron model. (neuroscience, integrateandfire, spike train)




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updated 9 years ago

Simulation of counting processes and piecewise constant functions by Ingemar Kaj Raimundas Gaigalas

Ingemar Kaj Raimundas Gaigalas

Simulate renewal, renewal reward, on-off processes (statistics, probability, counting process)

[ctimes, cval]=linjpcut(jmptimes, fval, cut_time)

[ctimes, cval]=staircut(jmptimes, fval, cut_time)

[ctimes, le_ij, cle_ij, exi, exj, cex_ij]=sttimescut(jpti...

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