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updated 5 years ago

Tab panel Copy by Arturo Serrano

Arturo Serrano

Creates replicas of a panel created using GUIDE that works like a tab panel. (tabpanel, guide, gui)


tabpanelcopyfcn(fcn, varargin)

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updated 5 years ago

EXPAND by Matt Fig

Matt Fig

Replicate and tile each element of an array. (replicate, repmat, expand)


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updated 6 years ago

REPLICATE by Mark Ruzon

Mark Ruzon

Create a larger array by expanding each element of an array into a subarray. (matrices, repmat, replicate)


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updated almost 16 years ago

gauss by Sophie-Anne Van Royen

Sophie-Anne Van Royen

The archive GAUSS.ZIP contains 15 simple functions that replicate the ones bearing the same name. (statistics, probability, gauss)




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