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updated 10 months ago

fun_removecellrowcols by José Crespo Barrios

José Crespo Barrios

Removes the non desired rows or columns from a cell (cell, cell arrays, remove)


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updated 10 months ago

Adjust legend marker size by Andreas


A function to adjust the marker size of the current legend without changing the plot marker size (legend, markersize, marker)


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updated 1 year ago

Edit boxplot text labels so that they auto resize with figure by Michael Serafino

Michael Serafino

Change the boxplot font size, text rotation, etc. so that changes resize with figure. (boxplot, boxplot label, boxplot text)


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updated almost 2 years ago

TextZoomable for text that scales as you zoom by Ken Purchase

Ken Purchase

Adds text to a figure that grows/shrinks with figure content as the figure is zoomed/scaled (text, zoomable text, scalable text)


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updated almost 2 years ago

apply2VideoFrames by Nikolay S.

Nikolay S.

Apply any image processing function applied to all frames of input video. (video, avi, processing)


fileNamesList=filesListFromInput(inputsList, flagGUI, fil...

fileNamesList=folderFiles(foldersList, nFolderDepth, file...

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updated 2 years ago

Margincrop by Jurgen


Simple way of cropping images by specifying the amount of pixels to be cut away from the edges. (crop, margin, imcrop)

margincrop(I, LR, TB)

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updated 2 years ago

using TriScatteredInterp with a Image by Grazvydas


Using TriScatteredInterp to interpolate a image with irregular grid. (triscatteredinterp, interpolate, resize)


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updated 2 years ago

Limit figure size by Jan Simon

Jan Simon

Set minimal or maximal size of a figure (figure, size, resize)

LimitSizeFig(FigH, Prop, Ext)


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updated 2 years ago

FileResize by Jan Simon

Jan Simon

Expand and truncate existing files - efficient C-Mex (file, resize, truncate)



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updated 2 years ago

fig- the exact figure size and no white space by Reza


Create publication-quality figures; easily define the figure's size, font of all labels, titles... (figure, fonts, size)


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updated almost 4 years ago

Image Resize by Yan Maraden Sinaga

Yan Maraden Sinaga

Another function to resize an image. (resize, scaling, interval)

img_out=imageresize(img_in, rowScale, colScale);

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updated 4 years ago

resize a batch of photos by Zhiqiang Zhang

Zhiqiang Zhang

The script will let you resize a batch of photos (resize, image processing, batch script)


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updated almost 5 years ago

Turbo plot by Yuval Cohen

Yuval Cohen

A fast replacement for the built in PLOT function. Works much faster when the data sets are large (figure, plot, fast)

tplot(x, y, s)

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updated 5 years ago

GridBagLayout by Jason


A MATLAB class which controls layout and resize of a figure/uipanel/uicontainer. (gui, layout, gridbag)

Using the layout.GridBagLayout object.



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updated 5 years ago

Finite Iterative Closest Point by Dirk-Jan Kroon

Dirk-Jan Kroon

Iterative Closest Point using finite difference optimization to register 3D point clouds affine. (affine, resize, translate)


[Points_Moved,M]=ICP_finite(Points_Static, Points_Moving,...


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updated 6 years ago

ResizeImageMatrix by source code

source code

This program implements various interpolation techniques to resize 2D matrices or Image Matrices (geometric transformat..., image registration, resize)



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updated almost 7 years ago

guipanel by Dan Cohn

Dan Cohn

Creates dynamically moveable and resizeable uipanels – uses almost identical syntax to uipanel. (gui tools, example, gui)

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updated 7 years ago

saveSameSize by Richard Quist

Richard Quist

Easily print/export figure at on-screen size (graphics import, graphics export, print)

saveSameSize(h, varargin)

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updated 7 years ago

fillPage by Richard Quist

Richard Quist

Quickly set figure properties so printed/exported figure will fill entire page. (graphics import, graphics export, print)

fillPage(h, varargin)

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updated 9 years ago

Resize images and make HTML slideshow by Adam O'Neill

Adam O'Neill

Resize your digital camera photos then make a HTML slideshow to go on the web (graphics import, graphics export, images)



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updated almost 10 years ago

Maximize window by Yuval Cohen

Yuval Cohen

Maximize window size to fill the entire screen. Has learning capability. (annotation, customization, window)

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updated 10 years ago

resize_legend by Denis Gilbert

Denis Gilbert

Changes LEGEND fontsize. (annotation, customization, legend)

resize_legend (hL, ResizeFact)


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updated 11 years ago

getfig.m by Rasmus Anthin

Rasmus Anthin

This nifty function retrieves figure windows that have come outside or partially outside the screen. (screen, screensize, figure)

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