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updated 1 month ago

MATLAB Simulation of variable-mass rigid-body 6DOF by Stacey Gage

Calculate aircraft variable-mass rigid-body six-degrees-of-freedom equations of motion using MATLAB (rigid body, aerospace, aeronautics)

sixdofvm(Forces, Moments, dMass, dInertia, tarray, vararg...

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updated 1 year ago

Defining Cartesian Reference Frames based on Point Positions by Paolo de Leva

Defining 3-D Cartesian reference frames based on the positions of at least 3 non-collinear points (mechanical modeling, cartesian coordinate ..., reference frame)

ARF(P, segname, side, varargin)

footBAF(HEEL, MET1, MET5, MET2, side, varargin)


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updated 3 years ago

QuIRK Multibody Dynamics Package by Joseph Shoer

A set of tools for constructing systems of constrained rigid bodies and analyzing their motion (multibody, rigid body, dynamics)




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updated 8 years ago

Rigid body transformation for big datasets by Olivier Salvado

Rigid body transformation of a large volume of uint8 (transforms, rigid body, interpolation)


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updated almost 9 years ago

3D Rigid body transformation by Jeny Rajan

This program is for rigid body transformation of 3D objects. (geometric transformat..., image registration, rotation)

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