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updated 1 month ago

timestr by Michelle Hirsch

String representation of time in HH:MM:SS.SSSS format. (strings, time, second)


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updated 6 months ago

timetick by Michelle Hirsch

Time formatted tick labels. (strings, time, second)

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updated 1 year ago

mydate by Felipe G. Nievinski

Augments MATLAB's date/time library for improved handling of epochs and formats commonly used in GPS (date, time, epoch)

convert_to_doy (epoch)



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updated almost 3 years ago

chooseargs by Adam Gripton

Allows direct, inline return of any combination of arguments and indices to a function. (inline, function, output)


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updated 4 years ago

Hough Transform for circle detection by Peter Bone

An optimized Hough transform for circle detection. (image analysis, hough transform, circle)


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updated 6 years ago

Exact Datevec Second Data by Patrick Flick

This function bypasses the problem with rounded date values, caused by the floating point representa (datevec, datenum, datetime)

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updated 8 years ago

Stirling Numbers of the Second Kind by Nikolaus Correll

Calculates the Stirling Numbers of the Second Kind (stirling, second, kind)


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updated almost 10 years ago

Bessel Function Zeros by Greg von Winckel

Computes the first k zeros of the Bessel Function of the 1st and 2nd Kinds. (zeros, bessel functions, first)


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updated 10 years ago

Gaussian Curvature by Ahmed Elnaggar

Given a surface of point cloud data (x,y,z), the output is a matrix containing gaussian curvature. (gaussian curvature, mean curvature, first fundamental for...)

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updated 10 years ago

Mean Curvature by Ahmed Elnaggar

Calculate the Mean curvature of a given surface (x,y,z). (gaussian curvature, mean curvature, first fundamental for...)

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