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updated 3 months ago

tinyxml2 wrapper by Ladislav Dobrovsky

Ladislav Dobrovsky

tinyxml2_wrap - XML serializing/deserializing of MATLAB arrays (xml, serialization)



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updated 4 months ago

matlab_hdf5able by James Booth

James Booth

Matlab script for loading hdf5able .HDF5 files (hdf5, python, hdf5able)

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updated 6 years ago

Adaptive Median filter using embedded MATLAB blocks by Kiran Kintali

Kiran Kintali

This demo shows how to implement an adaptive median filter in hardware; (embedded matlab, hdl, serialization)




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updated almost 7 years ago

Arbitrary files & MATLAB variables <-> data stream vector converter by Hoi Wong

Hoi Wong

Encode any MATLAB data types into a numeric array, and vice versa (external interface, file struct com data ..., serialization)


stream2file(dataStream, outputFileName)

stream2var(dataStream, tempFolderPath)

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