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updated almost 2 years ago

NCHOOSECRIT (V1.0 feb 2013) by Jos (10584)

Jos (10584)

returns those subsets (= combinations of elements of a set) that fulfill a specific criterion (combinations, sets, subsets)

nchoosecrit(S, FUN)

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updated almost 4 years ago

Unsorted Set Operations by Don Vaughn

Don Vaughn

Unsorted versions of setdiff, intersect, union, and setdiff (unsorted, sets, set operations)




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updated 7 years ago

SubSets by H. Sh. G.

H. Sh. G.

SubSets(m,n) returns all m dimension subsets of an n member set. (sets, subsets, member set)

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updated 10 years ago

CARTPROD: Cartesian product of multiple sets by David Fass

David Fass

Returns a matrix containing the cartesian product of multiple input sets. (sets, cartesian, product)

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updated almost 12 years ago

3D Mandelbrot by Mithun Aiyswaryan

Mithun Aiyswaryan

This code computes the Mandebrot sets in 3D. (fractals, mandelbrot, sets)

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