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updated 3 months ago

Mixing (MX) Oceanographic Toolbox for EM-APEX float data by Amelie Meyer

Mixing (MX) Oceanographic Toolbox for EM-APEX* float data applying shear-strain parameterization (oceanography, mixing, finescale)




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updated 5 years ago

DICOM gantry tilt correction by Phil Lewis

Checks for gantry tilt in DICOM fileset and modifies the images (dicom, gantry, tilt)


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updated 6 years ago

SPRing calculations of F and TAU by Rob Slazas

SPRing calculations of F and TAU (sprftau) of a circular cross-section spring (spring, f, tau)

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updated almost 7 years ago

Affine Transformation by Ibrahim El Rube'

This program facilitates the application of the affine transformation to a 2-D Image. (geometric transformat..., image registration, affine)


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