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updated 6 months ago

wireless_communication.m by erdem hayir

wireless_communication under weak turbulence (siso)


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updated 11 months ago

The Comparison in capacity between SISO and MIMO by popeye

The Comparison in capacity between SISO and MIMO (siso, mimo)


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updated 3 years ago

State Space to Transfer Function by Avinash Parnandi

This code demonstrates how to convert a MIMO system from state space form to Transfer function form. (state space, transfer function, ss)


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updated 5 years ago

MIMOtool by Giampiero Campa

Multi Input Multi Output Systems Toolbox (mimo, mvtools, siso)




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updated 9 years ago

Ramp Response by Atakan Varol

A simple program for ramp response of SISO LTI systems. (control, ramp response, siso)

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updated almost 17 years ago

synthesis by Evgeny Veremey

Solves SISO mean-square optimal control design problems: A(p)x = B(p)u + f(t) (siso, meansquare, optimal)




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