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updated 5 months ago

3D image viewer and slicer by Jun Tan

Jun Tan

A fast 3D image viewer and slicer that provides measurement, statistics, and visualization tools. (3d image, viewer, slicer)




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updated 1 year ago

3D Slicer by David Legland

David Legland

Slicer for exploring 3D images (grayscale, color or vectorial) through planar or 3D slices. (slice, viewer, 3d)

computeSliceRGB(slice, displayRange, lut)

createRGBStack(img1, img2, img3)

cropStack(img, box)

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updated 5 years ago

myslicer - make mouse-interactive slices of a 3-D volume by Anders Brun

Anders Brun

A minimal "slicer" for the exploration of 3-D volumes using mouse interaction (slices, slicer, 3d)



slice3i(vol, I2X, slicedim, sliceidx, handle)

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