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updated 8 months ago

Chebfun V4 by Chebfun Team

Numerical computation with functions instead of numbers. (numerical analysis, interpolation, approximation)

A greedy algorithm for choosing interpolation points

A keyhole contour integral

A parameter dependent ODE with breakpoints

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updated 1 year ago

Surface Reconstruction from Gradient Fields: grad2Surf Version 1.0 by Matthew Harker, Paul O'Leary,

This toolbox is for the regularized reconstruction of a surface from its measured gradient field. (gradient field, surface reconstructio..., inverse problems)

g2s( Zx, Zy, x, y, N )

g2sDirichlet( Zx, Zy, x, y, N, ZB )

g2sPlotSurf( x, y, Z, hIn, figTitle )

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updated 2 years ago

Fourier derivative by Matt

Matt (view profile)

A numerical differentiator for periodic functions using Fourier transformations (fourier analysis, spectral methods, numerical differentia...)


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updated 4 years ago

PMPack - Parameterized Matrix Package by Paul Constantine

Polynomial spectral methods for solving parameterized matrix equations. (spectral methods, polynomial chaos, stochastic galerkin)

A 2x2 Parameterized Matrix Equation

A Parameterized Elliptic Partial Differential Equation

Polynomial expansions

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updated 11 years ago

DMSUITE by J.A.C Weideman

J.A.C Weideman (view profile)

MATLAB Differentiation Matrix Suite (differential equation..., spectral methods, pseudospectral method...)

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