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updated 2 years ago

Wien-Bridge Oscillator Exploration with Matlab Implementation by Hristo Zhivomirov

Hristo Zhivomirov

Exploration of the Wien-Bridge Oscillator step response, impulse response, Bode plot, etc. (step response, impulse response, bode plot)


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updated 4 years ago

Getting started with MATLAB (control engineering example) by John Rossiter

John Rossiter

Example animations and m-files to learn MATLAB by yourself (control, poles, zeros)




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updated almost 6 years ago

StepResponse by Clinton Cathey

Clinton Cathey

This function finds the percent OS, ts, tr and tp for a step response. (step response, controls, stepinfo)


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updated almost 7 years ago

The Optimal ITAE Transfer Function for Step Input by Yi Cao

Yi Cao

Revisit the optimal ITAE transfer function using numerical optimization and digital computer (itae criterion, normalized transfer f..., step response)

The Optimal ITAE Transfer Functions for Step Input


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updated 7 years ago

PT2: tU, tG and inflection point by Dorothea Pfeiffer

Dorothea Pfeiffer

Calc and plot step response, tU, tG and tangent at inflection point of PT2 (pt2, control system, step response)

PT2TuTg(T1, T2)

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