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updated 20 hours ago

stefano-galelli/MATLAB_IterativeInputSelection by Stefano Galelli

MatLab implementation of the Iterative Input Selection (IIS) algorithm. (machine learning, feature selection, input selection)

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updated 1 month ago

rtaormina/MATLAB_ExtraTrees by Riccardo Taormina

MATLAB implementation of Extremely Randomized Trees (Extra-Trees) (machine learning, supervised learning, regression trees)

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updated 12 months ago

Recurrent Fuzzy Neural Network (RFNN) Library for Simulink by Ilias Konsoulas

Dynamic, Recurrent Fuzzy Neural Network (RFNN) for on-line Supervised Learning. (system identification, neural networks, fuzzy systems)

rfnn_mimo_grid(t,Xt,u,flag,itaVector,alphaVector, NumInVa...

rfnn_mimo_scatter(t,Xt,u,flag,itaVector,alphaVector, NumI...

rfnn_miso_grid(t,Xt,u,flag,itaVector,alphaVector, NumInVa...

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