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updated 3 months ago

Fitting quadratic curves and surfaces by Levente Hunyadi

Fit ellipses, ellipsoids and other quadratic curves and surfaces to noisy data. (parameter estimation, quadratic curves, quadratic surfaces)

ang2rot(phi, theta, psi)



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updated 4 months ago

Surface Reconstruction using Implicit B-Splines (FAST version) by Mohammad Rouhani

Given a 3D cloud of points accompanied by normals an implicit b-spline surface is reconstructed. (surface recontruction, implicit surfaces, computer vision)




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updated 8 months ago

Surface Reconstruction using Implicit B-Splines by Mohammad Rouhani

Using Implicit B-Splines for Surface Reconstruction out of 3D point clouds. (computer vision, cad, surface reconstructio...)




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updated 2 years ago

2D Rotated Gaussian Fit by Steffen B. Petersen

Function will fit a 2D gaussian function. It will also find the rotation angle for the 2D gaussian. (image processing, surface fitting, 2d gaussian)


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updated 3 years ago

Demo files for "MATLAB for Excel Users" webinar by Jiro Doke

This is the demo used in March 22, 2011 webinar "MATLAB for Excel Users". (excel, webinar, mathworks)

Energy Forecast Demo


createSurfaceFit(thisHour, thisTemp, thisPower)

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updated almost 4 years ago

Mathematical Modeling with MATLAB Products - webinar demo files by Dan Doherty

Demo files from March 10, 2011 webinar titled 'Mathematical Modeling with MATLAB Products' (mupad, symbolic math, surface fitting)


combinedEffect(x, y, IC50A, IC50B, alpha, n)

createSurfaceFit(opioid, sedative, tetany)

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updated 4 years ago

Response Surface Models of Drug Interactions with Curve Fitting Toolbox by Asawari Samant

"Response Surface Models of Drug Interactions with Curve Fitting Toolbox" webinar demo files (surface fitting, curve fitting toolbox, response surface mode...)

Response Surface Analysis of Propofol-Remifentanil using ...

combinedEffect(CA, CB, IC50A, IC50B, alpha, n)

createSurfaceFits(Propofol, Remifentanil, Algometry)

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