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updated 6 months ago

chirpPh.m by Jeremy


Chirp (sine sweep) with defined starting phase angle (chirp, sine sweep, sweep)

[s, ph2]=chirpPh(t,f1,f2,ph)

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updated 2 years ago

Creating File and Folder Trees by Ori Adam

Ori Adam

a simple function for sweeping directories and generating trees of files and folders (sweep, folder, dir)


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updated almost 8 years ago

AcMus - Room Acoustic Parameters by Bruno S. Masiero

Bruno S. Masiero

This toolbox will generate and deconvolve acoustic signals, so to calculate the impulse response of (example, application, room acoustics)




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updated 8 years ago

Draw a pipe in matlab by Changshun Deng

Changshun Deng

Draw a pipe in matlab (specialized, plotting, pipe)



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