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updated 6 months ago

Backhoe Model in Simscape by Steve Miller

Backhoe model, including hydraulic actuators for arm and bucket tilt, and multibody dynamics. (backhoe, excavator, digger)

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updated 9 months ago

Hydraulic Valve Parameters From Data Sheets and Experimental Data by Steve Miller

Models and white paper on obtaining realistic parameter values from data sheets and measured data. (hydraulic, valve, optimization)




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updated 1 year ago

Rheodyne valve RS232 communications by Geoffrey Akien

Commands for communicating with Rheodyne valves via RS232 (rheodyne, valve, rs232)

rheodyne232obj(comPort, userData)

rheodyne232objcomm(serialObject, command)


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updated 2 years ago

Simple Hydraulic System2 by Chee Syn Ang

A simple model that highlights the effects of changing various parameters in a hydraulic system. (hydraulic system, hydraulic pump, hydraulic)


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