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updated 2 months ago

Van der Pol Oscillator Simulink Model by Lazaros Moysis

The Van der Pol Oscillator nonlinear model in Simulink. (van der pol, oscillator, simulink)


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updated 11 months ago

Adaptive Van Der Pol Oscillator by Silvia-Cecilia

Simulink model of Van der Pol Oscillator with adaptive frequency rule introduced. (adaptive frequency, van der pol)


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updated 8 years ago

equationGUI by giancarlo zaccone

A simple GUI for ODE (van der pol-prey predator - logistic model) and PDE (vibrating string) (differential equation..., euler, rungekutta)

EULER(ode, t, y, h, varargin)

HEUN(ode, t, y, h, varargin)


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